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Monday to Friday

Hours: ( 0800 - 1700 ) 


Hi my name is Richie, I specialize exclusively in Contemporary Filipino tribal tatak designs in 

a Polynesian flow type of format. I only create the designs and I do not tattoo at all.

I'm open to creating unique designs for everybody, even non-Filipinos. 

I draw inspiration from tattoo motifs and patterns spanning the Philippine Islands, offering a diverse range of options.

While some patterns may resemble Polynesian patterns and symbols, it's important to know that they may carry different meanings. I strive to provide you with a design that reflects the rich heritage and symbolism of Filipino tribal art.

If you choose to have me design for you, expect a comprehensive package including a design stencil, a mockup incorporating your picture if available, a reference diagram, and the meaningful stories behind the design elements. 

If you're ready to embark on this creative journey with me.

To kick off the design process, a "non-refundable, nontransferable" deposit of half the design cost, secures your spot on my schedule. The remaining balance is due before your scheduled start date.

Expect a thoughtful journey as designing takes time, no rushing here. 

Your patience and trust are crucial, and I genuinely appreciate them. 

Once the deposit is in, a questionnaire will be sent, helping me understand you better. 

While not all answers may be included onto the design, they help guide me in choosing

patterns and motifs relevant to your story. Pictures of the design area requested are used as

my design canvas/mockup. Rest assured, pictures of private and revealing areas are not necessary for the design process. Your comfort and privacy are respected. 


  • I adhere strictly to tribal elements, with exceptions for the Filipino sun and select flower motifs.

  • No non-tribal additions like animals, numbers, letters, flags, etc.

  • Complete designs only; no working around or covering up of "big" tattoos or scars.

  • Exclusions: head, neck, fingers, or feet designs, Baybayin writing.

  • I only create designs in my own style. I appreciate your understanding that I am unable to accommodate requests that do not align with my distinctive creative approach.

Additional requests post-designing incur fees, and design alterations are kept minimal to maintain the intended representation. Design costs start at a minimum of $250 USD, reflecting the dedication, skill, and years of expertise invested.

If you're ready to proceed, fill out the design request form below. I'll then provide the design cost and the next available date. 


Due to a high volume of emails I receive daily. The design request and cost are valid for one full week only. After 7 days, I will be deleting emails and dates will not be held. A new design request form must be resubmitted. 

I strive to promptly respond to all emails, but unfortunately, some unknown reason. Some of you are not getting my initial response email. If you don't receive a response within a day. Please send me a message either on Instagram or Facebook @tatakdesigns and provide me your name and email address and I will resend it. Please note that if 7 days have elapsed, your design request may have been deleted already.

Thank you for considering TATAK DESIGNS.





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